Zhaga Union correction COB LED lights standard solution limits

Zhaga Union (Zhaga Alliance) recently revised actively emitting diode (LED) lamps existing norms. XQRN LED  As Zhaga Union in the end of March 2012 given LED streetlamps Book 4 specification, LED lamp modules developed area size smaller, making it impossible to import up to a high effective lumens COB (Chip On Board) manufacturing technique that will affect manufacturers R & D costs lights products, as well as product life and performance, so Zhaga Union had started to be amended.

Everlight Lighting Components Division, director of product management said that martial arts village, Zhaga Union norms defined LED lights LED array smaller, the need for a high number of lumens of lights, the brightness will be insufficient, and in the development process, the industry can not used for large area LED array, high lumen COB process technology, LED lights and brightness in life will not meet the requirements of the market, to solve this problem, Zhaga Union has started revising freshly baked Book 4 specification.

Everlight Electronics Development Department assistant manager Zhaozi Hao supplementary light source, COB process technology with high lumens, good heat dissipation, as well as multi-LED chip combined with better efficiency and cost performance and other characteristics and electrical combination, form a substrate voltage, LED chip size and arrangement are easy to adjust for custom LED lighting design. However, in the small area of the LED array applications, COB technology advantages will not play, so Zhaga Union Book 4 lights norms but to restrict the development of LED lights, and even unable to attract industry to develop products according to the standard.

In addition to the Book 4 specification amendments, will be released next Zhaga Union also LED outdoor lights, tunnel lights norms, is committed to the LED lighting applications standardized end product specifications. In May this year, Zhaga Union began Book 2 standard certification, namely integrated electronic controller (ECG) LED Downlight certified and released two certified laboratories.

Zhaga Union by the ABL, Cooper Lighting in China, Shi Laide, Fort Ord Group, Osram (OSRAM), Panasonic, Philips (Philips), Toshiba (Toshiba), TRILUX, singular (GE) and Taiwan Everlight, Epistar such co-founded to develop LED lighting module industry standard for the purpose of the current total membership reached 184. “

LED industry in recent years, the rapid warming in the country

LED solid-state lighting brings the third lighting revolution, will be the most effective means of energy conservation and environmental protection through the improvement of the human environment, the development of new concepts and new lighting models to improve and enhance the quality of human life. China’s LED industry started in 1970, after decades of development, China has formed including LED epitaxial wafers, chip preparation, chip packaging and LED product applications, including a complete industrial chain in the global LED industry occupies a place. June 2003, the national “863″ program, supported by the Ministry of Science for the first time proposed the development of semiconductor lighting program, which opened the rapid development of China’s LED lighting of the big screen. China LED rapid growth in sales for the first time, since 2003 the city traffic lights massive displacement began. This one only lights on when China’s semiconductor lighting market, driven by 61% growth. With the domestic LED accelerated pace of technological progress and the rapid expansion of industrial scale, China’s LED lighting industry has become the fastest growing and one of the areas with the greatest potential. At present, China has initially formed the Pearl River Delta, Yangtze River Delta, the northern region, Jiangxi and welfare (state) Ha (gate) region four LED lighting gathering area. Currently, LED is mainly used in some special lighting or special lighting market areas, such as landscape lighting, industrial lighting, backlighting, automotive lighting, rail lighting, and government to promote the street lighting, etc., but also widely used in other areas. According to statistics, in 2008, LED backlight in flat-panel TVs, laptops and other market share of over 20%, in 2009 over 50%, in 2010 it reached 70%. Because of its broad market prospects, LED industry in China in recent years, the rapid warming. At this stage, the number of people engaged in the industry reached 50,000 people, more than 20 research institutes, more than 4,000 enterprises; among more than 50 upstream companies, packaging companies, more than 1,000, more than 3,000 enterprises downstream applications. To accelerate the development of China’s LED industry, the National Development and Reform Commission and other six departments in 2009 jointly issued the “semiconductor lighting energy industry” for the development of China’s LED industry, sketched out a bright future: in 2015, the semiconductor lighting energy industry market share After gradually increased rate after functional lighting up about 20% of the LCD backlight up to 50%, and landscape decoration products market share of 70% or more. According to the relevant industry sources, the future of China’s LED lighting will be even greater changes and breakthroughs, industrial scale will reach 500 billion yuan issued, LED lighting industry is facing great opportunities and temptations.

LED panel lights use technical analysis

LED panel light performance is quite remarkable, it not only has easy to control light, adjustable light and strong, shock-resistant, high efficiency, compact and lightweight characteristics, and energy saving, long life, safe and reliable. LED panel lights appeared to be ordinary, but it contains a lot of high-tech works on the inside, for example, the formation of white LED, LED panel lights heat, etc., these are the developers need to consider. Hereinafter Imagey Electronics LED panel lights will be used to carry out relevant analysis techniques. 1. LED panel light system of the secondary optical design optical system design mainly includes the following aspects: ① According lighting objects, flux needs, determine the shape of the optical system, LED number and size of power; ② The number of LED combinations designed LED light source, ring light or surface light source of the “secondary source”, according to combined into a secondary light source, computing illumination optical system; ③ illumination optical system design constitutes a “secondary source” on each LED tube light distribution control is very important. (2) improve the LED panel light color hair now widespread use of white LED blue LED excitation superimposed by a yellow-blue yttrium aluminum garnet (YAG) phosphor was synthesized as white light. The sensitivity of the human eye is much higher than the color strength of the sensitivity to light, the lighting, the light source color is often more important than the luminous efficiency. Therefore, adding an appropriate amount of red fluorescent powder and to maintain a high luminous efficiency white LED lighting is an important issue. 3. LED panel light thermal management system is generally often called LED cold light source, this is because the LED light-emitting principle is issued directly photon electron through complex, without the need for heat in the process. However, due to the presence of Joule heat, LED, while the light is also accompanied by heat, LED is a temperature sensitive device, when the temperature rises, its efficiency rapidly decreased, so that the system design and development of cooling technology is subject to face LED applications. Forced air cooling is usually because the light source is not desirable, so as to improve the input power, heat sinks and other cooling methods enhance the natural convection in the LED panel lights and lighting design plays an increasingly important role. LED panel lights lighting easier to control, and the product more light, higher reliability, it has been favored by consumers, play an important role.

LED globalization development has been supported by multi-national policy

Latest data show that global, LED market continues to mature, LED lighting using a few pieces from the 2010 4.8 billion, the annual growth rate will reach 53%; Which, LED lighting using a few pieces from the 2010 4.8 billion, will be increased to 2011 124 one hundred million, mainly due to 2011 LED bulbs to replace the traditional incandescent light began to show effects. While in 2010 the total lighting LED lighting market share is not high,Grow Plant Lamp only 3.2% in value terms, then the carbon reduction consciousness, the world’s major countries have set LED lighting policy to actively promote the development of LED lighting industry. DIGITIME SResearch analyst and project manager Linfen Hui analysis, global demand for LED bulbs 596 million by 2011, substantial growth from 2013 to 2.5 billion; lights, since the Chinese mainland, the United States, Europe has pushed in all major cities demonstration project, estimated LED lights will be 2.2 million in 2011 to $ 9.8 million in 2013, we will go over the next few years driven by higher penetration of LED lighting. Major countries in the world policy to promote LED lighting, LED luminous efficiency is significantly improved, and the estimated annual price of LED lighting will be 20 to 30% fall under the influence, Linfen Hui estimates, demand for LED lighting 2009-2013 Year CAGR will reach 97.4%, higher than the large-size LCD with LED backlight CAGR of 62.6%, and the LED lighting market will reach as $ 15.4 billion in 2011, the overall lighting market penetration for the first time exceeded 10%, reaching 10.6%.

Replace incandescent bulbs LED downlights acceleration

In the global energy crisis, energy saving, environmental protection, miniaturization increasingly become the focus of the environment, has a long life, rich color and other characteristics of the LED semiconductor lighting technology, Grow Plant Lamp is being widely adopted as the main way to save energy. Achieve the same lighting effects conditions, LED downlight with LED as a new light source, energy consumption compared to traditional incandescent lamp 1/10, life is 100 times that of traditional incandescent lamp. With the LED luminous efficiency, luminous intensity gradually increased, and the luminous light color for the entire visible spectral range of full coverage, LED downlight energy saving effect and practicality be highlighted, and its applications have been greatly expanded. According to ITRI Sankei Center (IEK) in the “LED lighting industry development forum” argument, LED lamp and other lamps began to accelerate from 2010 to replace incandescent guns, mainly in Japan, as the most representative. The reason is Japan’s policy of subsidies, higher environmental awareness of local consumers, as well as manufacturers cut prices, creating local Japanese LED bulb market to grow rapidly. Currently the Japanese market such as LED downlight luminaire sales market share has reached 19%, equal to the sale of every five electric ball there is a LED light. European market is considered to be expected after Japan and become the next LED downlight fastest growing market. According to the EU is expected in 2012 Europe will destroy (disabled) incandescent bulbs, plus many European countries, such as Italy, Hungary, Austria, Portugal, United Kingdom, Ireland, etc., price is even higher than in Japan, but also to strengthen energy LED downlight replace the traditional incandescent bulbs thrust. Forecast to 2013, the penetration rate of the global LED bulb will reach 10%. In addition, LED downlight is also a focus of the development of LED lighting. Based survey in Japan for the construction industry, LED downlight is one of the products most concerned the construction industry, as modularity and substitutability is LED downlight product development trends. Currently include GE, Germany LBM and other manufacturers, have been developed for LED downlight products.

The pace of development of LED lighting up

In order to improve the practicability of LED light source, “Grow Plant Lamp” LED module and lighting apparatus has been increasingly applied to signal identification lighting, road traffic signal lamp, buildings in the induction lamp and the outline of the facade lighting, Garden City Plaza, walking street, garden light color lighting. LED lighting superior performance, not only energy saving and environmental protection, and the service life is very long, favored by many lighting designers and owners. Global illumination device is more than 20000000000 with incandescent lamps, halogen lamps, fluorescent lamp, the lighting device are being used to provide directional lighting, but the light is omni-directional, light use efficiency is low. The household lamp as an example, if without the reflector, the traditional lamp generally only 50% light use efficiency. LED lamp can provide directional lighting efficiency, service life of up to 50000 hours. Is expected in 2010, global lighting LED demand will grow by 15%, by 2012 the global LED lighting market will reach $2000000000, an average annual growth of 18%. LED spot light, high power LED bulb, lighting and landscape lighting will be the main market power LED lighting. The fastest in 2015, share of LED in China lighting market will reach 20%, drive relevant industry scale reached 500000000000 Yuan, China will enter the global LED lighting market first three. China currently has LED supply chain mature lighting, including epitaxial wafer and the LED chip and package, focusing on the LCD backlight, large size LED road lighting and home lighting applications. In 2010, China has about 30% LED chip is locally produced, and in five years ago, almost all rely on imports of LED chip. Development of high power LED has been to the lighting application as the main target, although LED is considered to enter the field of general lighting is still a certain threshold, but with the rapid development of landscape lighting, LCD backlighting and miner’s lamp, street lamps and other functional lighting applications, high power white LED is still in the expansion technology index improvement and application of scale keep the development speed very quickly. Is expected in the next few years the development speed of high power LED is expected to remain at more than 50%. With the development of LED industry technology progress and government highly values the emerging industry, LED lighting will be in the rapid development of steer.

LED lighting enterprises should pay attention to innovation consciousness

In the “Bible” in genesis, have so a words: “God said: let there be light, and there was light.” Visible light for the importance of our world.”NET LIGHTS” Lighting has experienced a series of changes from there to the present: torch candle — – — – lamp lamp fluorescent lamp until now hot LED lamp, every time it’s change that human pursuit for light. In the long history of years, LED also can only be regarded as a new light source, LED panel lamp is not greater than the fluorescent lamp, metal halide lamp revolution. But from the micro perspective, depth, breadth, speed the reform than the previous source. LED not only the appearance of thin, is more important to energy saving and environmental protection. LED light than traditional incandescent lamps and neon lamp energy saving more than 70% than the energy-saving lamps, but also more than 30% energy saving. Because of these advantages, the Ministry of science and Technology launched ten city lights project in 2009 April, has been in the 37 pilot city of more than 4200000 LED energy-saving lamp, saving more than 400000000 kwh of electricity. LED will change the existing lighting industry pattern, in the traditional lighting enterprises under the new situation facing the innovation breakthrough. Compared with traditional light sources, LED is not simply the lamp with the light source, it to the technical requirements to be much higher, its technical threshold is mainly reflected in the chip technology understanding, power redesign, radiating the world, appearance and optical design, illumination light efficiency can reach the standard of life whether etc.. Do the product easy to product, it is difficult to. Therefore, the traditional lighting enterprises, long-term look is continuous change, in the short term, breakthrough innovation and change. From the practical point of view, this is the innovation of a breakthrough, the difficulty is not small, unique to the traditional lighting enterprise development, market, procurement, quality inspection team are not qualified for this new task, even the original sales, pipeline system may be hard to resist, need to add a large number of resources, even to the direct use of capital means mergers and acquisitions, cooperation. Innovation is the motive force of the development of LED lighting, enterprises should pay more attention to the creativity consciousness, the innovation and development with LED lighting, LED industry more development prospects.

LED testing equipment applications market

LED backlighting and LED downlights for general lighting market penetration, respectively, 35% and 5% in the next few years,”LED NET LIGHTS” with the rapid development of the application of LED backlighting and general lighting applications market, market penetration in 2015 reached more than 90% and 30%, respectively. In the next few years, the global LED production scale will be the rapid growth of LED production photoelectric detection equipment market will be the main driving force of the global LED photoelectric detection equipment market. Especially around SMDLED production of high-power LED and LED lighting manufacturers as the core production photoelectric detection equipment market and lamps automated production line equipment market will be rapid development. Along with the size of the general lighting market started in 2013 driven by the explosive growth of the LED lighting production testing equipment market is expected to form a growth peak. Is expected to 2015, the global LED optical testing equipment market size is expected to reach $ 1.674 billion, of which, LED production photoelectric detection equipment market will reach $ 1.354 billion. With global attention on the development of semiconductor lighting industry, as well as step-by-step improvement of LED product testing and standards requirements, the countries in semiconductor lighting detection gradual increase in the scale of the rapid development of the global semiconductor lighting photoelectric detection equipment and instrumentation markets. Especially since 2010, large-size LED backlight applications promote global lighting applications rapid development, the the global SMD package, power package and lamp production line speed and put into a substantial increase in the scale of, including Japan, South Korea, China and Taiwan many companies are actively involved in a large-scale expansion of investment, led to a substantial increase in the production of photoelectric detection equipment investment. 2011 by the impact of the unfavorable economic environment in Europe, despite the the investment expansion rate has slowed, but the global LED optical testing equipment market remained around 5.9% growth, the market reached $ 507 million. In LED optoelectronic testing equipment and instrumentation markets, LED production photoelectric detection equipment market is growing most rapidly, with LED production scale, the improvement of the detection level of automation, the size of the market in recent years, sustained and rapid growth. 2010, LED production photoelectric detection equipment market reached $ 402 million, an increase of 43.9% over 2009. 2011, in the case of the slowdown in the pace of global economic recovery, LED industry investment expansion speed has slowed, but the LED production photoelectric detection equipment market continued to maintain a growth of 6.7%, to $ 428 million, higher than the LED photoelectric detection equipment market, the overall growth rate.

The key is to reduce the manufacturing cost of LED products package

“Research and Markets” a market research report shows that, DECORATIVE LIGHTS,the LED packaging costs are the most critical factors to reduce LED manufacturing costs, packaging costs account for 20-60% of the manufacturing cost of the LED. The LED industry quality and cheap products in order to occupy a larger market through technological innovation, we must reduce the cost of the LED package. “Research and Markets” in its market research report pointed out that the period 2011-2016 is expected to be $ 2 billion for investment in LED packaging equipment. But most packaging manufacturers are using integrated circuit (IC) manufacturing equipment modified to operate, fresh innovation to improve product performance and reduce the cost of the package. To get rid of dependence on existing production technology and materials applied to the LED industry needs new technology platform to meet the special needs of the LED production. This market research report also pointed out, equipment and material suppliers in the LED industry should play a leading role in the reform and innovation, more fit the needs of the solution for LED manufacturing. In recent years, some of the emerging LED enterprises through the development of new technologies to enhance production, productivity and material utilization achieved good results. LED packaging industry in technological innovation for the entire LED industry to bring new development breakthrough.

Commercial areas of demand for LED spotlight will gradually increase.

LED spotlight is an emerging lamps use LED as a light source, LED NET LIGHTS,have been in the field of commercial lighting and home lighting with high luminous efficiency, energy saving, long life, colorful play an increasingly important role. LED spotlights to replace the traditional lighting sources in many places, in all major shopping malls, jewelry display cabinets, family, bar, conference room can often see its shadow. LED spotlight applications in the fields of business, mainly the following aspects: 1.LED spotlight mood lighting used in public transportation. Including aircraft, buses, rapid transit, high-speed rail, public transportation lamps, LED spotlights, operating and maintenance costs can have a substantial reduction, but also because of the LED light source is directional, does not affect quite suitable for the passenger seat, reading lights, situational lights. LED spotlights used in the living room and home theater lighting. LED spotlights light color to heighten the mood of a warm, harmonious, wave temperature, reflects the comfortable, casual atmosphere. The LED spotlights interpretation of applications for home lighting another sense. 3 LED spotlights used in exhibitions, fashion shows lighting. Exhibitions, fashion shows, is the venue for businesses to showcase their products and services. For business purposes, in order to attract customers, merchandising and eventually reached an agreement, they need personalized light environment to showcase their products and services in the domain of exhibitions and fashion shows lighting, LED spotlights come in handy .